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A summary of our ranges

  • Babies' socks and tights
    baby socks baby socks baby socksbaby tightsBabies tights

    Quality baby socks and tights produced on machinery specifically designed for purpose have been our forte for many years. Our inhouse design facilities can convert customer themes and concepts into reality. Quality control carried out in-house ensures the socks are produced to strict safety guidelines.

  • Childrens' socks and tights
    childrens socks childrens socks childrens socksChildrens TightsChildrens Tights

    Similar to our sock and tight production for babies, our childrens sock range from basic plain socks for schoolwear to fashion themes and concepts for tots to teens.

  • Ladies socks and tights
    Ladies socks Ladies socks Ladies socks Ladies socks Ladies socksLadies Tights

    Our adult ranges comprise basic styles to high fashion items. We have facilities to produce basic plain cable socks through fashion pattern socks to chunky welly socks and fashioned knitted tights.

  • Mens socks
    Mens socks Mens socks mens socks mens socks mens socks

    Our mens socks offer comfort and style designed to the specification of our customers. Our production facilities in Portugal have allowed us to produce stylised heavyweight hunting / fishing socks for the discerning outdoor type.

  • Flight socks
    Walking socks

    Clinical studies indicate that long periods of immobility during travel can increase the dangers of deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Our flight socks are specially designed to a compression factor of 10 to give graduated compression throughout the leg. This improves circulation and can help reduce the build-up of excess fluids in the legs. We use a cotton rich yarn blend for superior comfort and fit. Product complies with the requirements of BS7563: 1999.

  • Kilt hose
    Kilt hose Kilt hose Kilt hose Kilt hose Kilt hose

    High quality UK manufactured kilt hose in wool blends. Ranges covers basic kilt hose quality through to high quality hose. Extensive colour range.

  • Walking and leisure socks
    Walking socks Walking socks Walking socks Walking socks Walking socks

    Our range of technical walking and leisure socks, produced from yarn including wool, cotton, and cashmere, is suitable for the casual walker to the experienced trekker.

  • Workwear
    Mens socks Mens socks mens socks mens socks mens socks

    In addition to adult ranges previously mentioned we have an extensive range of workwear socks providing quality durable comfort for the working man.

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